Moulding Sheet


Moulding mica sheet is made of mica splitting. Mica splittings bound with various adhesive ( resin ) and form rigid sheet after heat-pressed.

Hot moulding mica sheets keep rigid at room temperature, but can be formed to any desired shape at temperature of 110±5℃(5250) 130±5℃(5252) after being treated for 15 minutes. It is applied in electrical machinery and appliances of class B, F, H, as insulation parts. Low resin content moulding mica sheet is suitable for traction motors and hoist motors, or as insulation parts of electrical machinery with higher rotating speed.

However, these days Shellac Moulding Sheet are widely being used for decorative applications as well. Available in a couple of colours the Shellac Moulding Sheet truly has potential in the decorative industry in the days to come

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