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Company about

Kamalapati Ram & Co. (KPR CORP) is one of the oldest and most reputed companies in the global mica industry. We started our journey back in 1954 under the pioneering vision and guidance of Late Mr. Kamalapati Ram Tarway.

The company truly realised the first mover advantage under the leadership and path shown to us by Late Mr. Basudev Ram Tarway, who truly took us beyond boundaries and established an International Brand by name of KRC. Moreover KPR Corp was one the first companies to set up a mica fabrication unit to cater to the natural mica demands world over.

Over the years the company has acquired great insight and expertise into the intricacies involved in delivering premier quality products. We happen to be one of the few companies in the world who truly understand the nuances involved in the making V1 Quality Fabricated Mica and stand unchallenged in this segment.
However with changing dynamics of the Mica Industry, we have also diversified to the more newer requirements of Mica Powder, Flakes & components made of Reconstituted Mica in the past decade and have come up as a one stop solution in the Mica Industry.

The company reached new heights and was infused with new dynamism and energy with the entry of Mr. Manish Tarway back in 2003. His leadership led to transformative changes in the company and modernized the infrastructure and other set up in the company, which will turn out to reap long lasting benefits in the days to come.

Today, KPR Corp is striving to touch new heights and transcend realms by reinventing its processes and approach by the day and will continue to deliver world-class products to its esteemed clientele. We boast of our presence at global level and have been feeding to the International markets namely Europe, North & South America and South-East Asia for years.

We are very conscious of the needs in terms of quality, price and other value added services of all our client and promise to deliver on all our commitments, as utmost satisfaction of our clients is our religion and purpose.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always a result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
-Paul J. Meyer


KPR Corp. has a fully dedicated manufacturing facility in Giridih a town located in the Mica rich belt of the state of Jharkhand in India. The Company has a facility of about 35,000 sq. feet to support its manufacturing activities. The huge space allows for ample space to maintain inventory and a comfortable and spacious working environment for its workers and staff.

Moreover, one of the main reasons behinds the exemplary quality standards of the company is its excellent and contemporary manufacturing facility. The Company has invested continually in renovating its manufacturing facility to meet the growing demand.

The processing and fabrication unit of the company comprises of extremely skilled labour who are proficient at trimming, sizing and segregation of quality In case of condenser films we have extremely talented workmen to split to the desired thickness level.

KPR Corp. also possesses an in-house tool room dedicated to making of dies and moreover has an inventory of over 500 dies to meet the varying requirements of our buyers.

Our Main Products


Mica Shield

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MICA SHIELDS provide the best protection possible, to flat transparent, sight glasses in water and liquid level gauges and columns in high pressure steam boilers.


Mica Flakes

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Mica Flakes is mica scrap grinded into sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 30 mesh. We prepare natural mica flakes mainly by the means of rotary hammer crushing machine


Mica Powder

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Mica Powder Manufactured in hammer mills, our Dry Ground Mica Powder is screened to the required mesh size. High quality raw material is used for manufacturing it.

Contact Us

Argaghat Road, Giridih Jharkhand 815301

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ISO 9001-2015